Boy Scout Troop 774
Personal backpacking gear list

Two pairs of pants (preferably zip off)
􀂅 Underwear & t-shirt (poly preferred)
􀂅 Sleeping bag
􀂅 Wool socks (outer)
􀂅 Cotton or poly socks (inside)
􀂅 Hiking shoes
􀂅 First aid kit including mole skin
􀂅 Foam pad/mattress
􀂅 Rain gear
􀂅 Backpack
􀂅 Backpack rain cover
􀂅 Mess kit w/dunk bag
􀂅 Space bags or stuff sack
􀂅 Flashlight
􀂅 Spare batteries
􀂅 Spare bulb
􀂅 (2) Water bottles or hydration pack with large mouth to fit water purifier
􀂅 Fleece, sweatshirt or poly long underwear
􀂅 Leatherman or knife
􀂅 Compass
􀂅 Toilet kit (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap)
􀂅 Towel
􀂅 Medication
􀂅 Medium to heavy coat
􀂅 Swimsuit
􀂅 Matches
􀂅 Whistle
􀂅 Hat & gloves (gloves optional)
􀂅 Sun glasses & chums (optional)
􀂅 Pillow (backpacking type, fleece or use clothes)
􀂅 Hiking boots
􀂅 Belt
􀂅 Fishing pole/gear (optional)
􀂅 Spare Shoes
􀂅 Toilette Paper

The above list is not all inclusive. Clothing should be selected to match the
weather whenever possible. For trips in the spring or fall dress in layers. To
determine the maximum weight you should carry divide your body weight
by .30 (30%). Remember that you will be responsible for carrying your
share of food and group gear.
Remember that the weight you carry is limited. It is critical to pack the least
amount of gear necessary for the trip. Be prepared to remove personal gear
at the weight-in if you are over the weight limit.

Troop Gear

􀂅 First aid kit
􀂅 Camp stoves
􀂅 Gas
􀂅 Water purifiers
􀂅 Bug repellant
􀂅 Sun screen
􀂅 Tents
􀂅 Ground covers
􀂅 Trowel
􀂅 Toilet paper
􀂅 Cooking pots
􀂅 Cooking utensils
􀂅 Maps
􀂅 Folding saw
􀂅 Water storage container (optional)
􀂅 Rope
􀂅 Food